Located on Whidbey Island, WA...

3 Sisters Family Farm consists of 600 acres of family owned farm land that we use everyday. We are involved with every aspect of the meat production from birth to butchering. We make it a priority that our animals are all taken care of with a gentle touch, we raise our own feed for the animals, and when it's time, the butchering happens right here at the farm. We do not have any genetically modified feed on our farm, and while we are not certified organic, we have always followed organic farming practices.

In the spring, summer, and early fall the animals are on pasture. We rotationally graze, which means that the animals are moved to a new pasture when the current one has been eaten down. We then mow the pasture and let the grass grow back and in about 30 days the animals move back to the pasture for freshly grown grass. We are extremely proud to offer you locally grown meat that is 100% grass fed beef and all natural pork.

In 2005, we started selling our beef at local farmers markets and grocery stores and the demand continued to grow over the next 10 years. We currently run about 400 mother cows and 100 hogs using all the offspring to supply local grocery stores, 3 Sisters Market, specialty stores and catering companies. 

We belong to Island Grown Farmers' Cooperative where we have our grass fed beef, all natural hogs, and all natural lamb is processed under USDA inspection. 3 Sisters products can be found all over Whidbey Island and many other great establishments around Washington State and the U.S. Click here for a full list of where to find us! 

You can also order large quantities of meat. Check out our price list here and get more info about how to order.

Our farm is a working farm, so for your safety and ours, it is a closed facility.

You are more than welcome to stop by the side of the road to look at our pigs, lambs, and baby calves, but please do not enter the property uninvited.

If you are interested in a farm tour for you or for your school please email Jennifer at: jennnifer@3sistersbeef.com. We do charge a fee of $10 per person. School fees vary.